theGUITARaddict: Sky revisions

Do you you know that, between the initial batch of rosewood board Silver Sky models (the one that came with a hard case) & the current ones (come with a bag), there are subtle revisions? 

  • Frets. The current model sports a slightly bigger set of frets. I couldn’t really identify the specific difference while trying one out recently; it could either be a set of wider / taller ones in the guitar. I felt the difference but it’s rather subtle. Smaller, vintage type fret means when you bend & exert some pressure to the strings, there’s a chance that the strings would touch the fretboard while doing so. 
  • Pickups. The ones now are of lower output. Again, it’s a subtle difference but when you employ higher drive settings, the current ones sound more jangly. This would definitely appeal to players who play the SS clean mostly or with a touch of dirt. 
  • Pic: Mannys

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