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Still trawling the after-market to check prices. The Ibanez PGM above lists for nearly $3K.
It’s described as a super mint instrument as depicted, so claimed the seller. Folks, mint refers to an unmarred condition, as if fresh (Merriam Webster).

Looking at this close up image of the guitar’s bridge – does this look mint to you? How about ‘super mint’? I personally won’t pay $2k for this in view of the trouble that would entail should I get this looked into. Floyd Rose replacement parts will not fit into the Edge simple because the Edge bridge is not a Floyd Rose. 
Folks, in the course of anxiety, I think we should strive to be more forthcoming when it comes to representing the true nature of our items. This is the reason I under-value my items slightly when it comes to managing others’ expectations. Our mint might be their trash. It’s better to deal on agreed terms regardless of the condition. If you can’t represent your item accurately, then don’t. Providing pictures (like this seller did) is best, let the seller evaluate but you are free to mitigate. 

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