Making a Living with Guitars: Teaching and Lutherie

It’s a new month, and with it comes a new theme at In April we checked out all things slide and bottleneck guitar, and now we’ll shift the focus to the business of music, from career options to promoting that album you recorded at home. We’ll start here with two ways to make a living with the acoustic guitar that don’t involve making a hit song or being on the road most of the year.

Build a Teaching Practice

Teaching music can provide a welcome financial supplement, along with great flexibility. You can schedule lessons around gigs and recording projects, decide which days of the week are best for teaching, and work remotely with online lessons wherever you have an internet connection. Whether you want to recruit a few students or develop a full teaching schedule, the story below offers a few suggestions to get the ball rolling.

Make a Living in Lutherie

AG’s Ask the Expert columnist, Martin Keith, has been professionally building and repairing guitars and basses for 20 years. In the story linked below he fields a question from a young reader and offers about steps to building a viable career in lutherie, starting with reading classics like William Cumpiano and Jonathan Natelson’s Guitarmaking: Tradition and Technology and Bob Benedetto’s Making an Archtop Guitar.

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